Year 9

Year 9 began with the addition of Phong Nguyen as the HUNCH Design and Prototyping Engineer. Phong did an incredible job enlisting students into various design and prototyping projects. Below is the list of schools and the projects they accomplished:

Clear Creek High School Mr. Merritt’s EDD class HUNCH Cupola Crew Restrain Project
Clear Lake High School Mr. Barker’s EDD class HUNCH ISS Can Crusher
Clear Spring High School Mrs. Westover EDD class HUNCH Crew Quarters Organizer
Conroe High School Ms. Baxter Drafting class and Mr. Turner’s Machine Shop HUNCH ISS Can Crusher
Cypress Woods High School Mr. Bennett’s and Berry’s Drafting classes HUNCH ISS Can Crusher, HUNCH ISS Multi-use bracket and HUNCH Paper Handler
Cypress Ranch High School Mr. Zimmerman’s Drafting class Orion mockup components and Laser Optical Camera Instrument
Barbara Jordan High School Mr. Stewart’s EDD class HUNCH Crew Quarters Organizer