Announcement from NASA HUNCH requesting support for HUNCH schools from institutions/manufacturers, etc.

NASA HUNCH is soliciting interest of people, companies, foundations, agencies etc. who may be interested in supporting the NASA HUNCH schools.  Presently 24 states have high schools participating in HUNCH in all 4 time zones.  The HUNCH students could use your support as they create, design, and produce real world valued products for NASA.  In return, students develop 21st century skills that will prepare them for the future work force in STEM areas.

George Kessler working with students at Clear Creek High School

George Kessler working with students at Clear Creek High School in League City, Texas

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Aviation Academy in Newport News, Virginia builds supersonic model for HUNCH project

Model, Airplane – Supersonic Cruise, AST-105, Serial No. NONE, PO: Number: LARC JO 23, Year Manufactured, 1977, ECN: 0531903, Acquisition Date 9/7/1982, Manufactuer: NASA Langley Research Center, last assigned to Virginia Air and Space Center.

The test program ran from 1971 to 1981. It was a design for a commercial Supersonic Cruise plane (sustained, unrefueled, supersonic flight of a large-payload airplane over transcontinental and intercontinental distances.) The ancestry for this plane lies in the Bell X-1, then the SR-71 (military) and then the Concorde (commercial).

Approximate dimensions: 16.5 ft. in length, when fully assembled, 6.5 ft. wing span and approximately 75 lbs.

This was returned roughly late May/early June 2014 from long-term loan at the VASC.

Was given to Glenn Brehm via Lynn Curtis for possible fix-up in assessment for loan to the Virginia Historical Society. They have since declined the model and I have asked Glenn Brehm for current location and to return the model to us for processing to excess.

supersonic model aviation academy