Platteville High School

Platteville HUNCH Team

We are the Platteville HUNCH team, 2014-2015 initiative to develop and fly research experiments as part of NASA’s reduced gravity program. We are composed of Freshmen through Seniors working toward a common goal of creating hardware to improve life on the ISS.

Our Project

We are designing a device to stabilize and control the attitude of a GoPro camera.  By rotating three cylindrical masses at high velocities, each with its axle positioned on a different axis, the device will be gyroscopically stabilized on three axes.  By adjusting the acceleration of each mass, it is possible to change the attitude of the entire device.  In the future, we hope to program the device to track to a point or sensor.  This will allow for easier videography on the ISS.  If we make the mount more compatible with a more diverse selection of tools, such as flashlights or sensors, the device can essentially give an astronaut a “third hand” and allow him or her to work more efficiently.  As for uses here on Earth, our device has an internal control system, meaning that whether it is used underwater, underground, or in the air, it could make minute movements without kicking up particles that would obscure the camera view.

You can find us @ PHS HUNCH

Our school website: Platteville Schools

Council Rock High School South

We are a team composed of freshmen through seniors in high school working with NASA to create an experiment to aid and better the life of astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS).

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Council Rock South is also participating in the Zero Robotics Competition and the ARISS Program.

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Photos from Flight Week at Johnson Space Center

Bethany Wissman and Will Archer of Governor’s School’s Afternoon Team flew in Vomit Comet at NASA Johnson Space Center along with Senior Engineering Professor Mr.Walk.

Afternoon class is now in the process of finishing up the final report

Bethany Wissman and Will Archer in Vomit Comet

Bethany Wissman and Will Archer in Vomit Comet












Picture of Vomit Comet before flight










Will Archer during flight in Vomit Comet













From Left:
Bethany Wissman, William Archer, Ben Shabat,