Plant Growth

The Group

(From Left) Cassius Peter, Quinton White, Nathan Twyman, Michael Ambrose, Alison Linehan, Hannah Varhol, Brenna Blye


The Goal

This project was started this year by a team of juniors from the class of 2015. Their goal is to find a way to grow plants in space with no interference. Their motivation for growing plants in space is that it could provide astronauts a better source of food than they currently have.

Space Mixer

The Group

(From left) Sean Clifford, Eric Kenney, Joshua Fuller, Max Dixon, Caroline Read, Liam Faulkner, Jesse Centeno

The Goal

The Space Mixer is also a continuation of a project started by a team of Engineering students from the class of 2013. Since those students graduated last May, a team of juniors took over the project. The mixer was unable to fly on the Zero-Gravity Airplane last year. The goal is to mix materials of different states of matter together while in a zero-gravity environment. This year’s team is taking a different approach to their task than the last team did, and they currently have a prototype for their project.


Zero-Gravity Scale

The Group
(From left) Nathan Rogers, Laura Auerbach, Armani Arroyo, Keith Hoell, Jonny Bellavance, Andrew Duell


The Goal
The Zero Gravity Scale project began two years ago. Engineering students from the class of 2013 started working on the project. The purpose of the project is to obtain the mass of an object when in zero-gravity. Since the students who began the project graduated last year, juniors in the Engineering program have taken over this year. The Scale flew on the Zero-Gravity Plane in April of 2013. The project was rather successful, but the goal now is to make the scale smaller so it can fit in a 10x10x15 cubic centimeter box.


Scale that flew on the Zero-Gravity Plane last April

Tri-County HUNCH

Welcome to Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School’s HUNCH Website.



Tri-County has taken on three different projects that groups of six to seven Engineering students are working on.

Projects include:

Zero-Gravity Scale

Space Mixer

Underwater Plant-Growth



Zero-Gravity Scale: To measure the masses of objects in Zero-G.

Space Mixer: To mix materials of different states of matter together while in a zero-gravity environment. After being mixed having it cook in a heater.

Underwater Plant-Growth: To have the plants grow properly in Zero-G with no interference.