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Aviation Academy in Newport News, Virginia builds supersonic model for HUNCH project

Model, Airplane – Supersonic Cruise, AST-105, Serial No. NONE, PO: Number: LARC JO 23, Year Manufactured, 1977, ECN: 0531903, Acquisition Date 9/7/1982, Manufactuer: NASA Langley Research Center, last assigned to Virginia Air and Space Center.

The test program ran from 1971 to 1981. It was a design for a commercial Supersonic Cruise plane (sustained, unrefueled, supersonic flight of a large-payload airplane over transcontinental and intercontinental distances.) The ancestry for this plane lies in the Bell X-1, then the SR-71 (military) and then the Concorde (commercial).

Approximate dimensions: 16.5 ft. in length, when fully assembled, 6.5 ft. wing span and approximately 75 lbs.

This was returned roughly late May/early June 2014 from long-term loan at the VASC.

Was given to Glenn Brehm via Lynn Curtis for possible fix-up in assessment for loan to the Virginia Historical Society. They have since declined the model and I have asked Glenn Brehm for current location and to return the model to us for processing to excess.

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