Culinary Challenge

The Culinary Program develops food items for the Crew aboard the Space Station from a general theme idea. Each year there is a new theme given out to the schools where the students create new dishes taking into account food processing procedure and nutritional requirements so that their items will meet the standards of the NASA Food Lab. With the growing culinary program we’re excited to bring in a wider range of students and show how research into space isn’t limited to only STEM fields as well as educating students in researching and presenting their work in a professional environment.

Nation wide we have 28 different schools creating many entrees to be brought into their local center for a taste competition with different food industry professionals and personnel from the center. After these preliminary culinary competitions, those with the highest scores from across the country are invited to JSC for a final competition where their work will be judged by Food Lab personnel, industry professionals, ISS program office, and astronauts for quality, taste, their work on the research paper, and presentation video. The winning entree will be processed by the JSC Food Lab and sent up to the station for the astronauts to enjoy.

For more information about the Culinary program as well as detailed information for the students participating please visit New this year we are implementing hashtags for students to attach to photos of their work for display on social media sites, please use #hunchculinary2017 when tagging photos so that we can find all of the great content that students create.



  • Alli Westover-

Flown Projects
Jamaican Coconut Rice and Beans- 20
Roasted Red Pepper Risotto- 20
Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp- Currently being processed by the JSC Food Lab

Culinary Risotto

Culinary Arts students prepare samples of their Red Pepper Puree Risotto to be judged as an entry in the NASA Culinary Challenge.