Extreme Science Program

HUNCH Extreme Science Program Procedures for 2013-2014 School Year

NEW a Complete Curriculum to guide your participation in the HUNCH Extreme Science (HEXS) Program

Please open and print The HUNCH Extreme Science Curriculum

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NEW Calendar of events, video conferences, and deadlines for the NASA HUNCH Extreme Science Program
The NEW HUNCH Extreme Science Calendar


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To join the HUNCH Program

  • Write a proposal using the Statement of Work Form.

    The Project Plan category is Microgravity Research if you want to join the Extreme Science HUNCH Program.

  • Submit your Statement of Work to:

    jsc-iss-research-helpline@mail.nasa.gov. However, you may email it to me at florence.v.gold@nasa.gov first to review before you submit it. Please feel free to contact me at anytime.  My job is to make this entire process easy for you from start to finish.

  • Once you submit the application, we will notify you within 2 weeks to tell you of your status.

Timeline for HUNCH Extreme Science Program 2013

Tasks Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April May
Talent and Release Form 30
Abstract of Experiment 15
Working Ground Experiment 20
TEDP due to Mentor 27
TEDP and HA due to RGO 14
2 minute video 17
Flight Week 4-10
HUNCH Recognition Ceremony 5
Extreme Science Symposium 1
Final Reports 23

Final summary reports of experiments that flew on the Zero-Gravity Plane in April, 2013 are below

WT Eggs In Space Final Report

Lakewood HS Hydrofuge Final Report

NCSSM Spinal Elongation Final Report

NCSSM Peristaltic Pump Final Report
Tri County RVT Zero G Scale Final Report

Billings Central Algae Final Report

Billings Central Drosophila Final Report

Overland HS Crystallization Final Report

Jackson Hole HS Ferrofluids Final Report

Clear Springs Plant Growth Chamber HS Final Report

Final summary reports of experiments that flew on the Zero-Gravity Plane in April, 2012 are below

Warren Tech ,Lakewood, Colorado final report for Aquaponics and Warren Tech Egg in Space final report

Lakewood High School, Lakewood, Colorado final report for Hydrofuge Alpha and Bravo

East High School, Cheyenne Wyoming final report for Column Scents

Clear Springs High School, League City, Texas final report for plant growth chamber

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, Durham, NC final report for spinal elongation

Overland High School, Aurora, Colorado final report for water filtration and Overland High School final report of NMR


Final summary reports of experiments that flew on the Zero-Gravity Plane in April, 2011

Warren Tech Career and Technical High School at Lakewood, CO: H2U

Lakewood High School at Lakewood, CO: Hydrofuge

East High School at Cheyenne, WY: Column Scents

Clear Springs High School at League City, TX: Plant Viability for a Legume Food Growth Chamber

Barbara Jordan High School at Houston, TX: ISS On Orbit Camera

Cypress Woods High School at Cypress, TX: ROV Camera Platform
Watch a video of the Test Readiness Review (TRR) at Ellington Field on April 2012

HUNCH students present their Extreme Science experiments to engineers checking for the safety of the experiment to fly on the Zero G plane.

Test Readiness Review 2012

HUNCH Microgravity Flight Week April 2012