Extreme Science Program

HUNCH Extreme Science Program Procedures for 2014-2015 School Year

The HUNCH Extreme Science Program for 2014-2015 school year will be flying on NASA”S C-9B Aircraft out of Ellington Field in Houston, TX.

Each flight will have 4 Glove Boxes onboard the C-9B aircraft.  To learn more about the aircraft and the RGO program please visit http://jsc-aircraft-ops.jsc.nasa.gov/Reduced_Gravity/ .  The User Guide link on this page  http://jsc-aircraft-ops.jsc.nasa.gov/Reduced_Gravity/guides.html.  This is very important and has all the documents with information to insure that you have a successful experiment and flight. Please visit this site as soon as possible.   There is a RGO Guidelines link on this page that will be very helpful in writing your TEDP.

The curriculum found here will still be very useful.  Please open and print The HUNCH Extreme Science Curriculum .

  • This year we also have a NESI Community site.  This site is a forum on the HUNCH website.  To go there click on Be Social/NESI Community.  The link to this website is at http://www.nesicommunity.com/ and watching the instructional videos is a must do to learn more about coding of the NESI board.  Please also leave comments on this forum so that we can better learn what you like and dislike on the NESI board.  
  • Attention: The NESI Wiki page has been taken off line.  Please contact Flo Gold if you need information from the NESI Wiki page.

NESI Information and Videos

All of the videos pertaining to the NESI board can be accessed at Ryan’s YouTube Channel.  Information regarding the NESI board and the code related to the videos can be found at http://www.nesicommunity.com.  In addition, a support ticket system has been implemented on the NESI community site that allows users to submit support tickets by clicking on the “Help” tab.  Feel free to open a support ticket if you need any help, or if something is missing from the site.

Below is a tentative schedule for flight week.

Group A

Sunday April 19                 Group A Students travel to Houston

Monday, April 20              Orientation,   Test Readiness Review and Load Experiments

Tuesday, April 21              Flight 1 and Flight 2 and unload experiments

Wednesday, April 22       Rain date or JSC Tours

Thursday, April 23            Students travel home


Group B

Tuesday, April 21              Students travel to Houston

Wednesday, April 22        Orientation, Test Readiness Review and Load Experiments

Thursday, April 23             Flight 3 and 4 and unload the experiments

Friday, April 24                   Rain Day or JSC tours

Saturday, April 25             Afternoon: HUNCH Recognition Ceremony

Sunday, April 26                Students travel Home

Group A would be made of 8 schools with teams made up of 4 flyers and 2 ground crew.  Group B would also be made of 8 schools with the same team members.  Please let me know if you have any preference for one group or the other and why.  Both groups will have the option of staying for the HUNCH Recognition Ceremony, which is on the afternoon of Saturday April 25, 2015 at the Gilruth Center, which is outside of JSC.  I will do my best to meet your choice.  Below is an updated schedule of due dates and events.


Schedule for HUNCH Extreme Science Program 2015

Working Ground Experiment      Due December 20, 2014

TEDP and Hazard Analysis (HA)  Due to mentor February 2, 2015

TEDP and HA                                      Due to RGO February 23, 2015

2 Minute Video                                 Due to mentor April 1, 2015

HUNCH Recognition Ceremony April 25 at Gilruth Center

HUNCH Extreme Science Symposium May 13, 2015

HUNCH final report                         Due June 1, 2015

This School year we should have 3 HUNCH experiments going to the ISS onboard Space X Falcon.  Please click here to find a user’s guide to Space X’s launch vehicle and the Dragon.  There may be future experiments using Cyngus by Orbital Sciences Corporation but the requirements should be similar.

Falcon 9 UsersGuide_2009

 2015 Forms and Information Required for all Flight Week Participants

For Flyers Only

For Flyers and Ground Crew

 For Flyers and Ground Crew who are not 18 years old on April 20, 2015

  • All students under the age of 18 MUST have the parental consent form filled out to enter Ellington field.

Below are links to the videos for the 2015 HUNCH Extreme Science Experiments Prototypes

Above is the video of Fairport High School’s 2015 prototype


Final summary reports of experiments that flew on the Zero-Gravity Plane in April, 2013 are below

WT Eggs In Space Final Report Lakewood HS Hydrofuge Final Report NCSSM Spinal Elongation Final Report NCSSM Peristaltic Pump Final Report Tri County RVT Zero G Scale Final Report Billings Central Algae Final Report Billings Central Drosophila Final Report Overland HS Crystallization Final Report Jackson Hole HS Ferrofluids Final Report Clear Springs Plant Growth Chamber HS Final Report

Final summary reports of experiments that flew on the Zero-Gravity Plane in April, 2012 are below

Warren Tech ,Lakewood, Colorado final report for Aquaponics and Warren Tech Egg in Space final report Lakewood High School, Lakewood, Colorado final report for Hydrofuge Alpha and Bravo East High School, Cheyenne Wyoming final report for Column Scents Clear Springs High School, League City, Texas final report for plant growth chamber North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, Durham, NC final report for spinal elongation Overland High School, Aurora, Colorado final report for water filtration and Overland High School final report of NMR

Final summary reports of experiments that flew on the Zero-Gravity Plane in April, 2011

Warren Tech Career and Technical High School at Lakewood, CO: H2U Lakewood High School at Lakewood, CO: Hydrofuge East High School at Cheyenne, WY: Column Scents Clear Springs High School at League City, TX: Plant Viability for a Legume Food Growth Chamber Barbara Jordan High School at Houston, TX: ISS On Orbit Camera Cypress Woods High School at Cypress, TX: ROV Camera Platform Watch a video of the Test Readiness Review (TRR) at Ellington Field on April 2012 HUNCH students present their Extreme Science experiments to engineers checking for the safety of the experiment to fly on the Zero G plane.

Test Readiness Review 2014

HUNCH Microgravity Flight Week April 2012