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High School Students United with NASA to Create Hardware (HUNCH) is an educational initiative originally started by Stacy Hale to give High School students the opportunity to create hardware with NASA’s aid. Students in the HUNCH program receive valuable experience creating goods for NASA from hardware to the culinary arts, while NASA receives the creativity of the High School students.

NASA provide materials, equipment, and mentoring to each of the HUNCH teams across the country so that they can complete their projects to near expert quality over the course of their studies while keeping the students as safe as possible when working with the machinery. These students then present their projects during the HUNCH Ceremony where some projects will be selected to be used in NASA systems and on board the ISS.

First HUNCH Single Stowage Locker Heading for ISS!

Above is a picture of a Single Stowage Locker on the ISS with signatures of students and teachers who help fabricate the locker.  Click HERE to learn more about what HUNCH is currently sending to the ISS.

Ist Single Stowage Locker built and signed by HUNCH students

We are excited to announce that the first HUNCH Single Stowage Locker has been selected to be launched and delivered to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard SpaceX-10. SpaceX-10 is currently scheduled to launch on February 15th 2017.

HUNCH has already delivered 15 completed flight ready Single Stowage Lockers to NASA’s Cargo Mission Contract to replenish the programs depleted locker inventory and is on track to deliver another 15 this school year. This inventory will be used as required to support the ISS program Single Stowage Locker needs.

If you and your students participated in the production of Flight Hardware and Softgoods or produced the winning Culinary Challenge Entrée for school year 2015/16 then you probably had the opportunity to put your signature on this Single Stowage Locker at your HUNCH recognition ceremony. This means that your signature will soon be a part of the International Space Station! Who else in this world can say that!

The HUNCH Locker will provide containment for a CTB (Cargo Transfer Bag) packed with loose AUXIN hardware for late load stowage on SpaceX-10.

This interesting hardware consist of the following:

  • A Pea Chamber that contains pea seeds
  • An APEX Harvest Kit that has tools like forceps and cryogenic pens to preserve plant samples
  • APEX Tubes that are used for fixation of harvested Arabidopsis Thaliana plants after growth in the Veggie facility
  • A variable gain amplifier to amplify the photodiode signal in the Electrostatic Levitation Furnace

The entire HUNCH team would like to say congratulations to all for this spectacular accomplishment!

Great work!

For an article about the signing of the locker at Passaic County Technical Institute in Wayne, NJ please click here.


Please click on the above picture to download a PowerPoint for the Video Challenge

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