Design and Prototype

The Design and Prototyping HUNCH Program is a way for students of all skill levels to develop innovative solutions to problems posed by life on the Space Station. Many of the projects are items personally requested by the Space Station crew to help ease living conditions aboard station, giving students the opportunity to really make an impact on the lives of the crew. Other projects come from Flight Crew Systems and Operational groups at NASA that need more idea development.

Students from all over the United States partner with mentors at NASA Research Centers across the country to develop unique solutions. This wide swath of ideas allows us to pull in the best ideas at each center, bringing students together nationwide to collaborate and present the very best they can offer at our Design Reviews. This year we are preparing a new schedule of design reviews to help keep the process moving forward and bring the best ideas to the forefront. Our goal is to bring the best ideas from each project together for a final review at JSC where they can be reviewed in greater detail.

For more detailed information about the Design and Prototyping please visit There you will find our detailed project list, resources about how different items work in space, and a timeline for the reviews. If students post pictures online of their projects please use #hunchdesign2017 so that we can easily find them.



  • Alli Westover-
  • Glenn Johnson-
  • Flo Gold-


  • Lisa Passarelli-


  • Tammy Cottee-


  • Nancy Hall-
  • Hunt Hawkins-
  • Tom DeMicheal-

Past Flown Projects

  • Galley Table
  • Acme Thread Cleaning Kit- EVA Tools
  • Food Pantry
  • Footpad
  • Can Crusher

Projects Going to Station

  • CQ Inlet Screens
  • Double Ball Clamp
  • Ball Clamp Foot Restraint
  • Tape Dispenser
  • Ball Clamp Monopod